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Our purpose is to eliminate the pain and cost of banking and financial management imposed on startups and small businesses.

It has become overwhelming for business people to manage their company's finances and banking. It wasn’t always this way. There was a time when banks and their financial savvy used to be the most important tools of the entrepreneur. Banks didn’t create anxiety. They didn’t create busywork. They didn’t suck hours out of a business’ day. They worked together as partners to make new companies viable and small companies sustainable. Only a few banks still keep true to this mission. For many, somewhere along the way that relationship frayed.

We at NorthOne are working hard to build the world’s best business banking service and we are partnering up with a fully licensed Canadian deposit-taking institution to do so. We want to be the first line of defence our clients have in facing the burden of financial management and banking. Everything about us, from our business model, technology, and design to our company culture, reflects our excitement and dedication to this purpose.

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We are a team of impassioned banking experts, experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers who want to help Canadian businesses succeed by building them the most effective business banking experience in the world.

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Montreal: 642 Rue de Courcelle, Suite PH5 | Montreal, Quebec H4C 3C5
Toronto: 5-112 Elizabeth Street, Suite #115 | Toronto, Ontario M5G 1P5

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