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We like curious people. Especially the kind of curious people who come to learn more in an FAQ. To make your visit worthwile, we figured we'd open up our FAQ to you! Ask us a question, we guarantee we'll answer. We might even put it here and give you credit for it (if you'd like!).


Is Ferst Digital a bank?

No! We are not a bank. We are not a financial institution. We are in the process of partnering with a fully licensed Canadian deposit-taking institution who will hold all client funds safely. Eligible deposits will be protected by deposit insurance. We're building Ferst Digital as a complement to that institution's regulated capabilities.


When will Ferst Digital launch to the public?

Our journey is long, but we'll let you know. We promise. But before we launch we’ll be opening up an early Beta version to a small group of businesses within our community. Want to tinker with your own API banking platform? Have no idea what that means? We love you in either case.


What is a Ferst Digital invite and why should I request one?

The invite will secure your place on our waitlist. You aren't committing to anything more than that. In return, we’ll give you exclusive early access to our Beta platform when it comes out. We’ll keep you updated about our progress and give you some visibility into our challenges. We hope you enjoy the ride!


Why are you called Ferst Digital?

Years ago, people used to put their names on the front door of the business. Some of the most iconic names we know stem from this era, like Disney, McDonald’s, or McCain. Well, we intend to be around for a while, and we want to earn your trust from the start. So we’ve put the real names of two of our co-founders, Jay and Dominique Ferst, right on the front door.


May I suggest a feature that I'd love for you to build?

Still have unanswered questions? Contact us and we'd be happy to give you an answer.

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